Griffin iClear iPod Touch Case

Griffin iClear iPod Touch Case
Griffin iClear iPod touch case is a plastic hard cover case. As the name suggest, this iPod Touch case is made up of a clear plastic two-piece hard shell. It covers virtually every part of the iPod Touch’s body, except for the Sleep/Wake button, Home button, and bottom surface, giving it a full and solid protection. Griffin iClear iPod Touch case also comes with a screen protective film and a cleaning cloth.

The iClear iPod Touch case is designed to give easy access to the touch screen, dock connector, headphone port and hold switch. It can be connected to any Universal iPod Dock without being removed from the enclosure. However, it's not easy to be removed once you have it on. It takes some skill to remove the iClear iPod Touch case.. This video show you how to remove iClear case:

Customer Reviews (from Amazon):
"I have search for all over the place to find right case. even Apple store doesn't have one. then I went to bestbuy. they had Griffin clear case at time of purchase. I just love that. it shows clear appearance of touch, and protect entire ipod touch as well. it looks beautiful on my hand. it comes with screen protector film which prevents smudge, scratches on the screen. only downside is that it is not coming with belt clip. but overall I just love it so much. if somebody look for right case, it's definitely answer."
By Taeguen Yoo (St. Louis, MO, USA)

"This is a great case. It snaps in tightly and is easy to remove as well. It comes with a screen protector which is very easy to put on. I love how it fits perfectly to the shape of the Ipod Touch. Some cases when you put it on will mask the appearance of your ipod but this does not. While providing good protection for your Touch, it does not hide the appearance of your touch."
By NegativeX (Brooklyn, NY)

"Great case, would be five except because of the hardest part, applying the static screen. No real instructions included. Of course, I messed up the first time and gave up, but read somewhere else to use scotch tape to clean the screen. So trying again, I got it. Don't try to make it perfect, so long as the screen inside the actual case is bubble and lint free. My problem in the first application was trying to make the screen perfect all the way from the top edge down to the bottom. On the second try, I got it just about perfect except tiny parts of the edges, which you can't really see through the case unless you look for it. Finally, there was one spot with a tiny piece of lint in the left corner where the screen is, but unless you look and twist it under a direct light, you won't see it, unless you keep looking for it. In a little while, I will clean and re-apply again."
By DJ Kay (Chicago, IL)

Overall, iClear is a great iPod Touch case. The neutral combination of a clear front shell and frosted rear back shell that lets you see the iPod touch inside makes it a really nice looking case. Furthermore, with the good quality of impact-resistant hard shells, and a great value at $20, iClear iPod Touch case is definitely a A-class case that is highly recommended.

SwitchEasy Capsule Touch

SwitchEasy Capsule Touch
SwitchEasy Capsule Touch is an iPod Touch case that is made primarily from hard plastic. It is available in 5 colors: white, crystal, orange, pink, and the Ultrablack limited edition. Each case comes with one screen protector that extends its base color to the black portions at the top and bottom of the iPod touch’s screen, as well as a second neutral black and clear one. The Capsule Touch Ultrablack edition is the coolest iPod Touch case among them, which also includes a third screen protector that makes it looks even darker, and stealthier.

In terms of usability, the SwitchEasy Capsule Touch is working extremely well: the dock connecting cables, universal docks, and oversized headphone plugs will have no problem working with the design. And different from other iPod Touch case, the hard screen protector of Capsule Touch covers the home button and prevent dust and grime from sneaking in. With the TactileTouch system, your home button feels even better as if the membrane is not there. In addition, the Capsule Touch also comes with a versatile video stand that wnable you to watch video on your iPod Touch without holding it with your hands.

The only drawback of this iPod Touch case is the face protector. It doesn't stick completely to the iPod Touch screen, which makes the touch on the screen less precise. However, the dimming back protector that comes with the Ultrablack edition does not have this flaw. It looks and fits better with the touch screen.

DLO Jam Jacket for iPod Touch

DLO Jam Jacket for iPod Touch
The DLO Jam Jacket is a high-quality, lint-free silicone iPod Touch case. While complementing the iPod Touch’s thinness rather than radically thickening it with additional material, this nice looking iPod Touch case features a raised texture, corner bumpers, integrated Earbud Management and includes a free screen protector.

The DLO Jam Jacket cover the majority of the iPod touch’s sides and back, almost all of its face aside from its screen and Home button, and part of its top; the multi-touch screen is protected by the included DLO Surface shield. Also, the Jam Jacket provides an opening for the ambient light sensor, ensuring that it won't interfere with your iPod functionality. The Jam Jacket iPod touch case also features access to the iPod dock connector, so you can use your favorite charger or car accessory while your tunes stay protected.

One of the great feature of DLO Jam Jacket iPod Touch case is the earbud management system on the back of the case. It allows you to neatly wrap the cord behind your iPod, and safely stow your iPod earbuds while not in use. When it's time to jam, unwind only as much as you need – the handy side-notches will hold the cord in place, keeping the excess cable wrapped and out of your way.

The Jam Jacket iPod Touch case is priced $19.99, with two colors available:
- Jam Jacket Black
- Jam Jacket Clear

Here are some customer reviews for this product from Amazon:
"The jamb jacket fits the iPod Touch like a glove. As the other reviewer said the raised corners offer a lot of protection if the iPod is dropped on a corner. I can't say how the ear buds fit in the holder on the rear because I use the Bose ear buds and have put away the ones form Apple.
When trying to put on the surface shield, I noticed that there were specks of dust between the shield and glass screen that was creating air bubbles. I used a piece of Scotch tape and removed the dust from the "sticky" side of the surface shield. After removing the dust the shield went on fine with no bubbles. The touch screen works great with the shield."
By D. Farley

"This is a great case for my IPOD Touch and I'm enjoying it quite immensely. First, it looks great! Second, it provides ample amounts of protection and even comes with a very nice screen protector, which is absolutely essential for your Touch. I'll use it and enjoy it.
What are the downsides? First, the form factor may not allow you to slide it into your car mount or holder. The case has a device mounted on the back for you to wind your earbuds around so they don't become tangled. Works great, but may get in the way if you want to use a car mount. Also, the device works great to wind your earbud cable and has cutouts to store the earbuds themselves. Unfortunately, the cutouts are the size of the Apple provided earbuds and do not work with my Sennheisers. Nevertheless, it nice to have something to neatly wind the cable around, so it's not a showstopper for me!"
By A. Stagg (Virgnia, USA)

"If you work construction as I do this is the case for you. It really protects the player, with extra "padding" on the corners, and allows you to get a good grip on the player while using the controls. I don't find it too bulky for my shirt pocket, and the silicon material seems to prevent the player from sliding out of my pocket when bending over. I like the earphone storage, its a lot better option than winding the cord around the player. The plastic cover for the touch screen is a nice addition, helps keep muddy fingers off the screen itself, and you can buy replacement covers to replace the original when it gets scratched and pitted. All in all this is a great case at a great price. Highly recommend."

iSkin iPod Touch Case

iSkin iPod Touch Case
iSkin iPod Touch Case is a silicone case that is designed to perfectly encapsulate and protect the iPod yet maintain a slim and elegant profile – all with well thought out features.

Made with iSkin premium silicone, the iSkin iPod Touch is designed to capture the essence of the iPod touch, and keeping it safely protected from external knocks and scratches. Both the iPod touch’s home and power buttons are adequately protected with the iSkin touch, while integrated port covers securely cover the earphones and the dock connector ports, keeping dirt and other unwanted impurities from entering. It even covers and protects the iPod’s hold switch, without affecting its usability.

screen film for iskin ipod touch case
The iSkin iPod Touch also comes with a touch-friendly screen film. Besides providing protection to the iPod Touch screen, the screen film features anti-glare and anti-fingerprint properties that help to provide a clear view of the iPod’s screen no matter what the condition.

iskin clip
Another feature of iSkin iPod Touch case is the removable belt clip. Being capable of rotating to ninety degrees in either direction, the design isn’t bulky at all, and its durable polycarbonate structure provides a strong hold.

The iSkin touch case is available in a variety of two-tone designs, giving it a sophisticated yet fun look. The colors available includes: NightHawk (espresso+black), Diablo (red+black), Oxygen (black+clear), Electra (black+blue) and Vanity (black+pink).

The iSkin Touch is now available for $29.99.

Vaja iVolution Top SP Holster for iPod Touch

Vaja iVolution Top SP Holster for iPod Touch
Vaja's Top SP Holster for iPod Touch is a premium leather flip-style case that you can uniquely customize the colors of the case. There are total of 39 colors available, and you will choose 2 of them: one for the body, and the other for the stripe that runs down its center. This means that your iPod Touch case can have thousands of possible colors combination. Choose any combination you like base on your own taste. A belt clip and nub are also available as a $5 option. Each case takes 25 days for their leather craftsmen to complete.

Vaja's i-Volution series of iPod Touch case are amazing. When the cover is closed, you can still use the headphone socket. You will need to flip the cover open only when you want to synchronise the iPod touch.

One of the great thing about leather case is that it looks better with age. Priced at $88 USD, Vaja's i-Volution SP Top Holster is one of the iPod Touch leather case that will not disappoint you.

iPod Touch SlimLINE Leather Pouch Case

iPod Touch SlimLINE Leather Pouch Case
The SlimLINE leather pouch case from Beyzacases is an ultra slim iPod Touch case. It is made of high quality handcrafted leather and is well padded with a sexy velvet lining. This iPod Touch case does not come with an attached belt clip. You can easily slip it into your pant or coat pocket and even purses without worrying about scratching up your really expensive new iPod touch.

There are quite a number of colors available for the iPod Touch SlimLINE Leather Pouch Case:

- Croco Red
- Flo Red
- Flo Black
- Croco Black
- Plain Black
- Flo Tan
- Croco Tan
- Plain Tan

You may view them with different colors on the Beyzacases website.

The price for this iPod Touch leather pouch case is $29.50 USD. Here's the summary features this case:

- Elegant case conceived in top quality handcrafted leather
- Slim and padded design
- Protects the device in an optimal manner
- Velvet lining
- No belt clip Pocket use only

DLO HipCase for iPod Touch

DLO HipCase for iPod Touch
DLO HipCase for iPod touch is a folio-style case. With a padded flip-up cover with hidden inner pocket, a leather-covered belt clip, and total iPod access in one sleek leather package, this iPod Touch case gives your iPod Touch full body protection.

The DLO HipCase is made from fine-quality leather and featuring a soft fabric-lined interior. In the padded cover of this iPod Touch leather case, there's a hidden pocket that you can put your cash, credit cards, or ID. There's also an access to the earbud jack as well as to the dock connector. You can plug in and sync your iPod Touch without having to remove it from your HipCase, even when it is closed.

DLO HipCase for iPod Touch - clip view
Like some other iPod Touch cases, the HipCase also comes with a sturdy, leather-covered belt clip. It enables you to securely clip your iPod Touch to your belt or backpack.

Some customer reviews from Amazon on DLO HipCase for iPod Touch:
"This is the best case and first time ever I found a great case for any gadget of mine in USA. Perfect fit, good quality, looks great. One reviewer has mentioned no plastic to protect screen, but I think that is ok because you are supposed to touch the ipod touch :) to use it, hence in fact if it had a plastic cover on screen, I would give it one star and not buy it.
This case also has a small hole cut out on top to let light fall on the ambient light sensor which automatically adjusts brightness of the ipod touch. Get this case asap."
By Nishant Agarwal (Los angeles, ca , usa)

"Reasonably priced and fits my Itouch perfectly. It looks/feels like it costs MUCH more. All functions are fully accessible. Really--it's your basic "no-brainer" if you need a case for yours."
By E. Balch (East Greenbush, New York United States)

"After searching high and low for a folio style case for my new iPod Touch, I was thrilled to see that DLO was offering a nice, padded leather case for the Touch. I have purchased DLO cases for my iPod Nano (1st gen), and for my daughter's Sadisk Sansa e260 MP3 player. DLO really makes nice cases for MP3 players. This new DLO HipCase Folio for iPod Touch is very soft and padded. The magnet closures for the flip cover are a very nice touch. The belt clip is built on the case and is very slim; unlike those bulky, cheap plastic clips like so many other manufacturers use. The plasic clips break easily and make the cases stick out from your belt far too much. The iPod Touch fits in this case perfectly, and all of the ports and buttons line up just as they should. You don't have to take the MP3 player out of the case to charge it or for anything else. It provides the right amount of protection without adding an ulgy, bulky look to the sleek, thin design of the player. I highly recommend this case to everyone with an iPod Touch! The price is great and the quality is superb! =o)"
By M. Pickering (Hudsonville, MI USA)

The DLO HipCase for iPod Touch is available on Amazon for $21.52. You can view more customer reviews on the product page on Amazon: DLO HipCase Leather Folio for iPod touch (Black)

Here's the summary features for DLO HipCase for iPod Touch:
- Leather case with front cover and soft, fabric-lined interior
- Padded cover flips up to reveal a hidden pocket – perfect for an ID, credit cards or a bit of cash
- Complete access to iPod touch screen, headset jack and dock connector
- Sleek belt clip keeps iPod touch securely at your side
- Compatible with 8GB and 16GB iPod touch

Orbino Cosa iPod Touch Leather Case

Orbino Cosa iPod Touch Leather Case
The Orbino Cosa iPod Touch Leather case is one of the most luxurious iPod Touch case. Made from Italy, this case is entirely stitched by hand in goegeous premium leather. Unlike machine stitched cases, there are no protruding seams, no leather borders. There is also a special cut at the bottom for the dock connector. The Orbino Corsa case is a perfect tailored fit for the iPod Touch.

There's a palladium metal clip on the Orbino case, which is as beautiful as fine jewelry. It is removable: use it only when you need it. It flips up with a solid spring mechanism so that you can control your iPod Touch while it stays on your belt. You can even use it as a desk stand while you watch your favourite videos or surf the Internet.

Another great feature of the Corsa iPod Touch leather case is that it comes with Orbino's removable Durashield protection. This gives extra protection to the screen, and yet does not disturb the use of the iPod's multitouch screen.

Here's the summary features of the Orbino Corsa iPod Touch case:
- Orbino’s patented removable spring loaded combination belt clip and desk stand in polished palladium metal
- Orbino’s Durashield removable transparent screen protector
- Unique form fitting design stitched entirely by hand in Italy with premium high tensile waxed thread
- Hand lacquered 4-coat color edging
- Pure leather lining
- Cut outs for Home Button, light sensor, and iPod recharger
- Made entirely by hand in Italy at the Centro Stile Orbino.

This Orbino Corsa iPod Touch Case is available in many colors:
- Black Tuscan Leather($99)
- Deep Red Saddle Leather($99)
- Handstained Cherrywood Leather($99)
- Hunter Green Saddle Leather($99)
- Orange Saddle Leather($99)
- Pebbled Cordovan Leather($99)
- Rich Pecan Saddle Leather($99)
- Teal Saddle Leather($99)
- iPod Touch Corsa Case Custom-Made($129)

Functionally, the Orbino Corsa iPod Touch Case is easy to transport and to use. Aesthetically, it is clean, form fitting, with the finest Italian leathers. Although the price of the Orbino Corsa iPod Touch Case is higher than the average iPod Touch cases in the market, it worth the price considering its quality and features.

iPod Touch Leather Case

To protect your iPod touch from damage, an iPod touch case is a must-have accessories. Here are some recommendations of several good iPod Touch Leather Case:

1) The Leather Folio for iPod touch from Belkin

Leather Folio for iPod touch from Belkin
This is a flip-closed, wallet-style case, made from honeycomb-embossed leather. Its fancy, fashion-inspired design will match perfectly with your iPod touch.

Besides giving full protection from everyday scratches, dust, and minor shocks, the sleek design of this stylish leather case allows you to easily slip your iPod touch directly into your purse or pocket. There are also slots for easier access to controls and dock connectors.

Here are the summary features:

* Soft, durable leather
* Clear screen protector allows easy navigation
* Access to controls and dock connector

There are 3 colors currently available for this iPod touch leather case:

* Black/Chocolate
* Cameo Pink/Chocolate
* Persimmon/Bone

Customer review from Amazon:

"This is the perfect case for the new Ipod touch. It looks really nice and is very elegant. I can really recommend this to all."
By Patrick D. Huebner (20-Dec-2007)

We think this is a pretty cool leather case for an iPod touch. Priced at $29.99, the Belkin leather folio case is definitely worth the value.

2) ezView Leather Case

ezView Leather Case for iPod Touch
The ezView iPod Touch Leather case has a very cool design. As the name suggest, one of the unique aspect of the ezView leather case is that the velcro band of the ezView makes it possible to act as a stylish stand. So with ezView leather case, we no longer have to hold our iPod touch in our hand to watch videos (I am guessing that's how the name come from :P).

Other than this unique feature, the ezView Leather Case is very thin, and the low profile rubber feet keep the iPod touch case from slipping on any surface. Also, another cool thing about ezView is that you never have to remove your ipod touch from the case to access the controls or the data port.

Here are the summary features:

* High Grade Leather
* Clear Screen Protector
* Home Button Access
* Build in Stand
* Protective Cover with Light Touch Magnetic Closure
* Credit Card/Business Card Slots
* Top and Bottom Access to All Controls and Ports
* Sturdy Velcro Latch
* Ultra-Slim Profile
* Velcro Strap Low Profile Belt Strap for Easy Transportation
* Non-skid Low Profile Rubber Feet Keep Your Player in Place

Customer reviews from Amazon:

"Leather case is very thin and has a very good kickstand mode to allow viewing of movies and videos. The only improvement would be to add a cutout for the power/standby button on top. The button is covered by leather. Although you can easily push the button thru the leather, you need to know where it is. Other than that nit, recommended highly for those who want a compact wallet type case."
Bud from YL (31-Dec-2007)

"While better than anything I saw at the Apple Store (which for some reason doesnt seem to carry this case), it has a few design flaws. For one thing, it has some slots, presumably for credit cards and such, but I find that they are a few millimeters too narrow to be useable for this (or any other) purpose. The positive features - nice leather, protection of the screen, stand, velcro to keep the headphone cord from getting tangled are enough to make this the best ipod touch case Ive seen."
C. Demarest (3-Jan-2007)

With the unit price of $39.99, the ezView leather case is definitely another great iPod Touch Leather Case to consider.

3) Griffin Elan Form Leather Case

Griffin Elan Form Leather Case for iPod Touch
Griffin announces 2 leather case for iPod touch: Elan Form and Elan Convertible. Elan Form is a slim pocketable case which is made from hard-shell polycarbonate with top-grain leather. It allows us to control our gadget, and gives two layers protection at the same time.


* Top-grain leather outer shell crafted from hand-matched hides
* Protective polycarbonate inner shell surrounds and shields your iPod
* Easy access to click wheel, dock connector, headphone port and hold switch
* Elan Form for iPod touch includes static peel screen protector for multi-touch display, and premium cleaning cloth
* Easy installation: just pt your iPod in the top casing, then snap the back into place. To open the case, insert a coin into the notch in the bottom corner and gently twist.

No customer review at this moment.

Priced at $29.99, the Elan Form leather case is another good choice for iPod Touch Leather Case.

4) Griffin Elan Convertible Leather Case

Griffin Elan Convertible Leather Case for iPod Touch
The Elan Convertible is another iPod Touch leather case from Griffin. This leather flip-top case comes with an additional leather removable flipcover for the front face of your iPod, thus ensuring even better protection against shocks. With removable clip, it allows us to carry our iPod touch on our belt or shoulder strap. At the same time, we can easily slip it into the pocket with the clip removed. The Elan Convertible case is made of top-grain leather.

* Top-grain leather outer case
* Soft microfiber lining and clear screen protector guard against scratches, but are sensitive enough to allow clickwheel control.
* Removable belt clip for bag, belt or briefcase
* Removable flipcover reverses to serve as a built-in stand

No customer review at this moment.

The price for Griffin Elan Convertible Leather Case is $24.99.

Besides the cases we are recommending here, there are many other cool iPod touch cases out there. What we pick for recommendation in this article are just some iPod Touch Leather Cases which we think are great stuff. There will be more recommendation for non-leather case in the coming post.

The Invisible Shield For iPod Touch

An iPod Touch Case is usually the first thing that most people want to get for their brand new iPod Touch. The reason is simple: they pay $300 - $400 for a brand new iPod Touch, and they do not want to get any ugly scratches or damages on it. We know that the screen for iPod touch is scratch-proof, but the back is not. So it's still neccessary to get ipod touch case for your ipod touch.

The Invisible Shield for iPod touch is not really a case, but something that you might want to get even before getting a case for your ipod touch. It is a thin layer of urethane film that wrap around your ipod touch, protecting it from ugly scratches. You might not have heard of urethane film before, but it is a meterial that originally used to protect the leading edges of military helicopter blades. It is durable, clear, and virtually scratch-proof.

The invisible shield for iPod touch comes in 2 options: Front shield ($14.95), and full body shield ($21.99). We reccomend to get the full body body shield as it covers almost every single surface of your ipod touch, thus giving full protection, especially to the back of the the ipod touch which is not scratch-proof. The cover zone of the full body shield shown below:

You do not need to worry that the shield will add any bulk or obscure aspect to the sleek design of your ipod touch, as it's so thin and clear that become almost invisible after applying it on the iPod touch. It gives contoured protection without hurting the cool appearance of the ipod touch. Here are 2 videos that show how to put the shields on to the front and back of the ipod touch:

You will need some patience though to put them on ;)

There has been quite some forum discussion and review for the Invisible Shield For iPod Touch on the Internet. While some reviewers are pretty satisfy with the full body shield, some feel that the shield is not necessary for the front screen as it is already scratch proof. So what they did was putting the shield only on the back. Those who put on the full shields are satify as they feel that it helps to keep fingerprints and oils from their fingers from getting all over the screen. The decision is yours: buy the Invisible front shield for $14.95 here, or the full body shield for $21.99 here.

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