iPod Touch Case and Pen from Japan

iPod Touch Case and Pen from Japan
Japanese company, Princeton Technologies has introduce a new set of ipod touch case and pen which will be release on June. The iPod touch case from Princeton Technologies is made from sheep leather, and available in 2 different colors: brown (PIP-LCTPBR) and black (PIP-LCTPBK).

The iPod touch pen from Princeton Technologies has a special rubber on its tips. It will not scratch the screen of the iPod touch, and can function as a normal ballpoint pen. The whole set of iPod touch case and pen from Princeton Technologies will cost $39, and will only be available in Japan.

Radura Case For iPod Touch

The Radura case for iPod touch is another product from Mophie. It is a clear polycarbonate case that let you easily access all the ports and controls of your iPod touch. It is also compatible with the mophie Ratchet swiveling belt clip and the Run armband. The Radura case for iPod touch is sell at $20 currently.

Radura iPod Touch Case

“With Radura, we’ve achieved a really great balance of, simple, clear design and strong protection” says Ross Howe, Sales and Product Development Director for mStation/mophie. “Now, owners of all types of iPods and iPhones have a strong, sensible case that offers maximum protection, without sacrificing the unique aesthetics of Apple’s products.”

iPod Touch Case: Ratchet 360° Belt Clip Swivel

Ratchet 360° Belt Clip Swivel for iPod Touch
Ratchet 360° Belt Clip Swivel is the latest ipod touch case from mophie, the iPhone / iPod accessories manufacturer, which has just been announced by the company last Wednesday.

Ratchet 360° Belt Clip Swivel case is available for iPod touch, iphone, iPod Nano(3G), and also iPod Classic. It's a strong and shock-resistant silicone case which comes with a secure spring loaded belt clip. The base case silicone sleeve of Ratchet for iPod Touch tightly grips from the sides, and pivots to store the device at any angle. With this case, you can surf the web and listen to music using your iPod touch from any angle you like.

Ratchet 360° is available in two color combinations: grey/black, and pink/black, with a clear Base Case. The Ratchet 360° iPod touch case is currently sell for $30.

Here's what mophie says about Ratchet 360° Belt Clip Swivel:
"With Ratchet, we've given consumers a wide array of options to carry their iPods and iPhones" says Ross Howe, sales and product development director for mStation/mophie. "You can clip it to your belt, pocket, backpack, etc. providing easy access to your media no matter what you're doing, and because the Ratchet and Base Case are designed for each other, you never have to remove your iPod from one to use the other."

Agent 18 Flower Vest for iPod Touch

Agent 18 Flower Vest for iPod touch is a silicone case with floral designs across the front and end of the case. The soft silicone of the Flower Vest covers almost the entire body of the iPod touch, except for the screen. The design of this ipod touch case also allows access to the iPod’s dock connector and headphone jack.
Pink Agent 18 Flower Vest for iPod Touch
Agent 18 Flower Vest are available in 2 color scheme: pink with grayish-pink flowers and brown with light blue flowers. It also comes with a dock adapter which can be used with ipod speakers. You will be able to place your ipod touch on the dock without removing the Agent 18 Flower vest. The current price for Agent 18 Flower Vest is $29.95. It's definitely a great choice if you want to add some flower design to your iPod touch.

WildCharge Adapter For iPod Touch

WildCharge is a cool technology that allow us to to charge an electronic device without having to connect it to the power supply through normal cable charger. This technology consist of a silver charger pad, and a WildCharge adapter. To start charging, all you need to do is attach the electronic device to the WildCharge adapter, and then place it anywhere on the charger pad and it will start charging. Currently the WildCharge Adapter is only available for a limited number of electronic devices. The good news is, WildCharge will soon release an adapter for iPod touch!

The WildCharge adapter for iPod touch will be integrated into a high-quality gel case called “Skins”, a gel covered product made of Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE) material. So when you get yourself a WildCharge adapter for iPod touch, you also get an iPod touch case at the same time. WildCharge is planning to release a number of different colors for this multipurpose ipod touch case. Here's a video review for the WhildCharge:

As mentioned in the video, the price of the charger pad will be $59.95, while the price for the skin will be $34.95. And the release date will probably be around May or June of 2008.

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Griffin FlexGrip iPod Touch Case

Griffin has recently announced a new iPod touch case, FlexGrip, which is a silicon rubber case. It's a dual-color case: the front is black, and the back is covered with grip-molded grey dots with varying size. Currently, black and grey are the only color combination that is available for the FlexGrip iPod touch case, while the clear + black and red + black version is forthcoming.

FlexGrip iPod Touch Case

The Griffin FlexGrip iPod touch case also comes with a screen protector that covers the entire front screen except for the Home button. This case is highly accessory-compatible. It works with everything that you might want to plug in to your iPod touch. The price for the FlexGrip is currently $14.99 which is really reasonable!

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