Retro T2 iPod Touch Case From ivyskin

Customer Review On Retro T2 iPod Touch Case

The Retro T2 iPod touch case from ivyskin is a full body hard shell case. Similar to the Naked Case from case-mate, the Retro T2 iPod touch case cover the entire iPod touch, including the screen, and still maintain the full control to the touch screen through the case. It utilizes the Surface Xylo Wave (SXW)© technology, which make use of the ultrasonic waves that make it possible to register the position of the touch event and passes the information to the iPod touch screen.
Retro T2 iPod Touch Case From ivyskin
There are two version of Retro T2 iPod touch case available: black and reflect-chrome. The crstal clear and sleek design of the case makes your iPod touch looks really cool. The ultra-thin hard screen cover is scratch proof and stay on the case to protect your iPod touch from every angle. The price of Retro T2 iPod touch case from ivyskin is currently set at $35.

A video demonstration of the use of Retro T2 iPod Touch Case from ivyskin:

According to the review from DAPreview, there are a few drawbacks that they find for the Retro T2 iPod touch case:
- The reduce of overall sensitivity of the touch screen -- not to any great degree but on occasion you may have to repeat an action.

- The black frame on the front plate, which surrounds the screen, is about 1.2mm off target (Shown on picture below). The unit that they are reviewing is a black edition. The reflect-chrome version is free from this flaw.

- The opening for the headphone jack is too tight for some headphone.

Despite the few drawbacks listed above, they still give a big thumbs up for the ivyskin Retro T2 iPod touch case.

Limited Edition iPod Touch Case From Apple Japan

Apple stores in Tokyo Japan introduce the limited edition of iPod Nano and iPod Touch cases, which are made from hardened polycarbonate, with golden etching on the back. These special edition of iPod touch cases are coated in black rubber, and the golden etching are wordings that refer to the districts where it is bought from: Sapporo, Nagoya, Shinsaibashi, Ginza, Shibuya, Sendai, and Fukuoka, plus various art of Japanese unique traditional symbols such as samurai, temples, etc.

Limited Edition iPod Touch Case From Apple Japan
The limited edition of iPod touch and nano cases will only be selling for one week in Tokyo. The iPod Touch case cost 2680 yen, which is around $26 USD, while the iPod Nano case costs 2280 yen, which convert to around $22 USD.

Jam Jacket iPod Touch Case From DLO

After the DLO Jam Jacket with headphone management, the DLO Jam Jacket case with multiclip is another iPod touch silicone case from Digital Lifestyle Outfitters. The most outstanding features for this iPod touch case is the integrated multiclip -- it can function as a desktop stand, a belt clip, and provide cable management capabilities. Besides the multiclip, this version of Jam Jacket iPod touch case also comes with a Surface Shield screen protector which make this case a complete protection package to your iPod touch.

DLO Jam Jacket iPod Touch Case with multiclip
If you are wondering how does the multiclip of Jam Jacket works, the photo below shows you how it works as a desktop stand, a belt clip, and providing cable management capabilities.

Jam Jacket multiclip demontrate

Quick Facts

* Gripable silicone case for your 8GB, 16GB and 32GB iPod touch
* Featuring MultiClip: use as a desktop stand, belt clip or cable management
* Included DLO Surface Shield protects your multi-touch display
* Soft, gripable scratch and slip protection
* Access to hold switch, headphone jack and bottom dock connector
* Charge and sync your iPod without removing it from the case

The DLO Jam Jacket iPod Touch Case with multiclip currently cost $19.99.

Soft-Touch Stylus for iPod Touch

Soft-Touch Stylus for iPod TouchOne of the coolest features of the iPod touch is the multi-touch screen technology. Most people wouldn't use a stylus on their iPod touch as one will never fully utilize the muti-touch technology with a stylus.

The only reason for using a stylus for iPod touch is to keep fingerprint smudges from the iPod Touch screen. That's why there's a product called Soft-Touch stylus created for iPod touch.

The Soft-Touch stylus for iPod Touch is made of a light-weight aluminum body with soft-touch rubber tip and built-in shirt clip. With the Soft-Touch stylus, you can type with precision, tap or scroll with ease, and it will never scratch the iPod touch screen.

* Stylus lets you type with precision
* Soft-touch tip won't scratch your screen
* Enables easy tapping, double-tapping and scrolling
* Built-in shirt clip
* Light-weight aluminum body with soft-touch rubber tip
* Measures 10 cm (4 inches) long
* Works with Apple iPhone and iPod touch touch-screens

Price: $12.99

DLO VentMounts for iPod Touch

DLO VentMounts for iPod Touch
The DLO VentMounts for iPod Touch is a dashboard mounting system from Digital Lifestyle Outfitters. With VentMounts, you can attach your iPod Touch in the car for hands-free access. It's an essential accessory for your iPod Touch if you wish to view maps and driving direction on your iPod Touch while driving.

The DLO VentMounts consist of two detachable clips, a combination belt clip and holster, and a mounting bracket that attaches to the holster and clips before being placed in your car. Its designed to attach to the car's AC vent, and you can easily rotate the VentMount vertically or horizontally. You will also be able to easily access to the access the dock connector and side controls while your iTouch is mounted on the VentMounts.

The DLO VentMount for iPod Touch can also function as a belt clip. So when you are not on your car, you can detach and wear it on your belt.
Price: $25

radJacket CHARGE iPod Touch Case

Japanese always comes up with brilliant ideas when it comes to electronic related stuff.. The radJacket CHARGE case for iPod Touch is created by a Japanese company called Radius. What's special about this case, is that it has a built-in lithium battery, that can top up the power of your iPod Touch.

radJacket CHARGE case for iPod Touch
According to the company, with radJacket CHARGE iPod Touch Case, you can expect 46 hours of music, 12 hours of video and 10 hours of web browsing, with just a three-hour charge.

But unfortunately, this brilliant iPod Touch case is currently available only in Japan.

Touchmod Microphone For iPod Touch

Touchmod Mic for iPod TouchThe Touchmod microphone is an essencial accessory if you wish make phone call using your iPod Touch through VoIP. Here's a video that demonstrate the use of Touchmod Mic and the SIP-VoIP application (also developed by the Touchmod team) to call a regular phone:

The Touchmod microphone cost $48.15 (including shipping), and is available to order online through their website. Besides microphone, another accessory for iPod Touch that they sell is the headset which cost $59.40. There's a multipupose button on the headset that can be used to adjust volume, control next track, and start/stop music playback. It will also be used to answer or hangup the VoIP call in the future when the SIP-VoIP application support it. The headset is compatible with all other iPod models, but not with iPhone.

With this hack from the Touchmod team, you can kind of turn your iPod Touch into an iPhone. The limitation for iPod Touch is that we can only make VoIP call only when there's Wi-Fi connection, but it's still pretty cool to be able to make phone call using an iPod Touch.

Naked Case for the iPod Touch

Naked Case For iPod TouchThe Naked Case from Case-mate is a revolutionary case for iPod Touch that cover the Touch completely, including the screen, but still allow full play-through access to the iPod Touch.

The reason that the Naked case is given such a name, is because your iPod Touch will looks as if it's wearing nothing at all with the Naked case. It is an acrylic case, that make use of the patent-pending electrostatic membrane on the front of the case. The membrane will passes electrical pulses through to the iPod Touch screen, allowing the touch control to work perfectly while the Touch stays in the case. Also, there are precise cutouts on the case that allow access to all other controls of the iPod Touch.

The Naked Case is currently the only case available on the market, that provide complete coverage (including screen) to the iPod Touch, and still maintain the full play-through access. The price is currently $34.99, and it's available on Case-mate's website.

Paul Frank Rubber iPod Touch Case

Paul Frank Rubber iPod Touch Case
Paul Frank rubber case for iPod Touch is a colorful and cute case, designed by Paul Frank. Who is Paul Frank? The designer of the famous monkey cartoon image of Zoom Julius. So this rubber iPod Touch case is red in color, and with the cute monkey face at the back.

This rubber iPod Touch case is retail for $29.95. With Julius' smiling face on the back of the Touch, the Paul Frank rubber case is sure to set your mode while enjoying some serious tunes.

Some customer reviews about this product from Apple store:

Written by PF
March 31, 2008

"Well it failed the most important test. I just bought this case for my 14 year old daughter and she called me old. She said that the brand isn't cool anymore and that I should just return the monkey case. Instead of returning it Im using it for myself. I've been getting nothing but compliments from my peers on my Monkey case and it's making me feel young again. Not only is it a cool case but it's constructed very nicely. Thanks for the cool case Paul Frank."

Written by JM
March 20, 2008

"Well, i love monkeys, but this case is not built well. My concerns- it is really thin, so it stretches out easily and can tear. Plus, the rubber is really sticky so putting it in your pocket is a chore. Combine the stickiness with the thinness and it is borderline un-useable. If you want a rubber case, get one of the INCASE ones- they are thicker and sturdier, plus the rubber is sticky enough so the phone doesn't slide on surfaces, but it's still smooth enough to easily get it into and out of pockets."

Logic 3 iStation Traveller

Logic 3 iStation Traveller
Logic 3 iStation Traveller is a tiny sound system for iPod Touch (and iPhone). It's one of the cool accessories for iPod Touch that you would find it useful when you are traveling. You can watch videos and listen to music with the iStation Traveller, giving you something to do on your long dull journey.

Like the name suggested, the iStation Traveller for iPhone and iPod Touch is designed as a portable device that allows you to easily carry it with you during travel. Powered by 4 AAA batteries, it weights only 11 ounces; and is approximately 1.3" thick, 6.7" wide, and 3.5" tall when in compact mode. Different from the traditional iPod dock, the iStation Traveller connects to the iPod Touch / iPhone using a headphone cable, which is attached permanently to the station. Also, the iStation Traveller does not has a volume controller itself. The volume will be controlled by the iPod Touch / iPhone itself.

Comment from MacWorld on the Logic 3 iStation Traveller:

"The system is small enough to fit in a large pants pocket, so it’s easy to throw in a laptop bag or carry-on. Yet despite this small size, the Traveller sounds quite good. As you’d expect from two 1.25-inch speaker drivers, you don’t get much bass, and the maximum volume isn’t ear-splitting. But midrange and treble are decent, and the system isn’t nearly as tinny as many speakers of this size I’ve tested."

The iStation Traveller is currently priced at $60. With the combination of its superior performance and portability, it's definitely worth this price.

Echo - Mirrored Screen Protector For iPod touch

Proporta Echo Mirrored Screen Protector For iPod touchEcho Mirrored Screen Protector from Proporta is a cool protector for iPod Touch. When the iPod Touch is on, the Echo Screen Protector works like a standard screen protector, keeping your iPod Touch display from scratches. But when the display back light is turned off, the Echo Screen Protector will turn your iPod Touch screen into a mirror! This would be useful for ladies -- your iPod Touch now can also be your makeup mirror.

The key features of Proporta Echo Mirrored Screen Protector:
> Acts as a mirror when the iPod Touch screen is switched off
> Prevents scratches and other damage
> Washable and replaceable
> Includes application card and screen cleaning cloth
> Easy to apply

Proporta Echo Mirrored Screen protector also available for iPhone and iPod Nano. They are available on Proporta's website just for $9.95.

Naja King - Flexible Rotating Stand for iPod Touch and iPhone

naja king ipod touch stand

NAJA King is a portable iPod Touch stand that is designed with awesome flexibility that gives you the convenience to do a lot of cool stuff with your iPod Touch or iPhone. Watch the video below for a review of this iPod Touch stand, and find out what you can actually do with the Naja King iPod Touch stand.

It's really cool that we can use Naja King to wrap around our neck while watching movie on the iPod Touch, or use it to conveniently take photo at different distance. With the flexibility of this iPod Touch stand, I am sure there are much more possible ways that we can use Naja King with.

Specification for Naja King:
- 36 inch flexible coil
- Anti scratch grips
- All steel construction
- For all iPhones or iPod Touch (select type at checkout)
- Rotating head 360 degrees
- Secure grip holding power (device stays put)

The price of Naja King is currently $39.99. A great iPod Touch accessory to get!

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