DLO Jam Jacket for iPod Touch

DLO Jam Jacket for iPod Touch
The DLO Jam Jacket is a high-quality, lint-free silicone iPod Touch case. While complementing the iPod Touch’s thinness rather than radically thickening it with additional material, this nice looking iPod Touch case features a raised texture, corner bumpers, integrated Earbud Management and includes a free screen protector.

The DLO Jam Jacket cover the majority of the iPod touch’s sides and back, almost all of its face aside from its screen and Home button, and part of its top; the multi-touch screen is protected by the included DLO Surface shield. Also, the Jam Jacket provides an opening for the ambient light sensor, ensuring that it won't interfere with your iPod functionality. The Jam Jacket iPod touch case also features access to the iPod dock connector, so you can use your favorite charger or car accessory while your tunes stay protected.

One of the great feature of DLO Jam Jacket iPod Touch case is the earbud management system on the back of the case. It allows you to neatly wrap the cord behind your iPod, and safely stow your iPod earbuds while not in use. When it's time to jam, unwind only as much as you need – the handy side-notches will hold the cord in place, keeping the excess cable wrapped and out of your way.

The Jam Jacket iPod Touch case is priced $19.99, with two colors available:
- Jam Jacket Black
- Jam Jacket Clear

Here are some customer reviews for this product from Amazon:
"The jamb jacket fits the iPod Touch like a glove. As the other reviewer said the raised corners offer a lot of protection if the iPod is dropped on a corner. I can't say how the ear buds fit in the holder on the rear because I use the Bose ear buds and have put away the ones form Apple.
When trying to put on the surface shield, I noticed that there were specks of dust between the shield and glass screen that was creating air bubbles. I used a piece of Scotch tape and removed the dust from the "sticky" side of the surface shield. After removing the dust the shield went on fine with no bubbles. The touch screen works great with the shield."
By D. Farley

"This is a great case for my IPOD Touch and I'm enjoying it quite immensely. First, it looks great! Second, it provides ample amounts of protection and even comes with a very nice screen protector, which is absolutely essential for your Touch. I'll use it and enjoy it.
What are the downsides? First, the form factor may not allow you to slide it into your car mount or holder. The case has a device mounted on the back for you to wind your earbuds around so they don't become tangled. Works great, but may get in the way if you want to use a car mount. Also, the device works great to wind your earbud cable and has cutouts to store the earbuds themselves. Unfortunately, the cutouts are the size of the Apple provided earbuds and do not work with my Sennheisers. Nevertheless, it nice to have something to neatly wind the cable around, so it's not a showstopper for me!"
By A. Stagg (Virgnia, USA)

"If you work construction as I do this is the case for you. It really protects the player, with extra "padding" on the corners, and allows you to get a good grip on the player while using the controls. I don't find it too bulky for my shirt pocket, and the silicon material seems to prevent the player from sliding out of my pocket when bending over. I like the earphone storage, its a lot better option than winding the cord around the player. The plastic cover for the touch screen is a nice addition, helps keep muddy fingers off the screen itself, and you can buy replacement covers to replace the original when it gets scratched and pitted. All in all this is a great case at a great price. Highly recommend."

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