Paul Frank Rubber iPod Touch Case

Paul Frank Rubber iPod Touch Case
Paul Frank rubber case for iPod Touch is a colorful and cute case, designed by Paul Frank. Who is Paul Frank? The designer of the famous monkey cartoon image of Zoom Julius. So this rubber iPod Touch case is red in color, and with the cute monkey face at the back.

This rubber iPod Touch case is retail for $29.95. With Julius' smiling face on the back of the Touch, the Paul Frank rubber case is sure to set your mode while enjoying some serious tunes.

Some customer reviews about this product from Apple store:

Written by PF
March 31, 2008

"Well it failed the most important test. I just bought this case for my 14 year old daughter and she called me old. She said that the brand isn't cool anymore and that I should just return the monkey case. Instead of returning it Im using it for myself. I've been getting nothing but compliments from my peers on my Monkey case and it's making me feel young again. Not only is it a cool case but it's constructed very nicely. Thanks for the cool case Paul Frank."

Written by JM
March 20, 2008

"Well, i love monkeys, but this case is not built well. My concerns- it is really thin, so it stretches out easily and can tear. Plus, the rubber is really sticky so putting it in your pocket is a chore. Combine the stickiness with the thinness and it is borderline un-useable. If you want a rubber case, get one of the INCASE ones- they are thicker and sturdier, plus the rubber is sticky enough so the phone doesn't slide on surfaces, but it's still smooth enough to easily get it into and out of pockets."

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