Shade Cases For iPod Touch

Shades iPod touch case is a Polyurethane soft plastic layer that encloses the entire iPod touch, except for its headphone port, and Dock Connector. The Sleep/Wake button covered, but the Shade exposes its full bottom save for its corners.

“It’s Not a Case. It’s Not a Skin. It’s Shades for iPod Touch” is the slogan of this product. And there a reason behind the slogan: it is only 0.4mm thick.. so it is thinner than any iPod touch case that you’ll ever find. To be more accurate, it is not exactly a case, but are half way between cases and film.

The Polyurethane material is 100% durable, providing your iPod touch with full protection, including crystal-clear screen protection, while providing full access to all of the iPod's ports, allowing you to plug in just about anything. It will keep your iPod touch safe from keys and other surfaces that might scratch the back. In addition, it is smooth but isn’t particularly slippery so it won’t fall out of your fingers.

There are 12 Stylish Vibrant Colors available for the Shade cases. You may view them here. The price for this product is currently USD 16.95.

iPod Touch Accessories: inMotion iM310 from Altec Lansing

iM310 from Altec Lansing, a portable sound system for iPod is one of the latest product from the company.

inMotion iM310 from Altec Lansing

Features of iM310 includes:

  • AC or Battery-operated
    Enjoy up to 48 hours of continuous play on three AA batteries (or use the included AC adapter).

  • Alarm clock
    The iM310 is fully compatible with iPod models that have the alarm clock and sleep timer features.

  • Compact design
    Folds to close at 11.4“ wide, 2.5“ deep, and 6.1“ high (290 mm x 62 mm x 155 mm) for convenient mobility.

  • Input jack
    for second device connection, including CD, DVD, and MP3 players.

  • Universal dock
    recharges iPod.

  • Big, deep-bass speakers
    For a surprisingly deep sound.

  • Weighs
    only 2 pounds and 6 ounces.

  • With retailer price of USD 80, the iM310 is an affordable accessories that offers outstanding audio quality and stylish design. The foldable design let you easily carry the dock system with you anywhere at anytime.

    iPod Touch Case: Air / Crystal Jacket Set From Power Support

    Known as Air Jacket Set in the US, and Crystal Jacket Set in Japan, this new product from Power Support is a clear-plastic case for iPod touch which comes with two case backs, one with a stand, and one without. The stand can be rotated for 360 degrees in 90-degree increments, and folds in when not in use.

    air jacket ipod touch case

    The design of Air/Crystal Jacket Set is clean and simple. Inspired by the MacBook Air, Power Support has released this iPod touch case with an extremely thin plastic shell. The rear shell is only 0.7mm thick, but it's enough to protect the iPod touch’s back, sides, and top from scratch. This is good for those who want to maintain the original sleek design of the iPod touch.

    The Air/Crystal Jacket Set iPod touch case leaves the Sleep/Wake button and also the bottom uncovered. This makes it easy for you to access the iPod's button, dock-connector port and headphone jack. It also comes with a clear film that protect the iPod touch screen, and a rubber plug for the dock.

    The Air/Crystal Jacket Set From Power Support cost USD 29.95. It's a good choice for those who like simplistic design.

    Turn iPod Touch into Remote Control

    Alloysoft, an iPhone/iPod Touch application developer company, has recently announced a new software called Signal 1.1.2 which enable you to use your iPhone or iPod Touch as an advanced wireless remote for iTunes and other applications. Signal offers an interface specifically designed for the iPhone and iPod touch, and takes full advantage of the device's capabilities to provide a two-way, live updating view of your media player.

    With Signal 1.1.2, user can control iTunes on a Mac; iTunes, Windows Media Player and Winamp on a PC. Besides controlling the content playback, the software also allows us to search for media libraries, browse for content, create and edit playlists, and even remotely change music album art on a remote machine. All of these can be done from anywhere in the house - all from the palm of your hand.

    This is how it works: Users simply launch Signal on their computer (it operates as a standalone Web server) and offers an URL (which can be bookmarked) with which you can use your iPhone/iPod touch to connect to your iTunes. Once you type in the address from MobileSafri, you have full control over iTunes.

    Alloysoft is currently offering the Signal software for $25, directly from their website.

    iPod Touch Case: Artwizz SeeJacket Crystal

    The SeeJacket Crystal Case from Artwizz is an iPod touch case made from impact resistant polycarbonate. The SeeJacket Crystal Case is sleek and transparent, with two part snap-on design which makes installation extreamely easy.
    Artwizz SeeJacket Crystal Case
    One of the great feature for this iPod Touch case is that it has a thin piece of plastic that covers the whole iPod touch face. The plastic is black along the sides, top and bottom, and clear where the iPod touch screen is. And the best part is, the plastic does not affect the sensitivity of the touch screen, as well as how images looked on the screen.

    The polycarbonate material of the SeeJacket Crystal case is completely clear. It's also tough enough to protect both the front and backside of your iPod Touch. There are openings at the Sleep/Wake button and the dock-connector port and headphone jack for easy access.
    SeeJacket Crystal Case for iPod Touch
    The SeeJacket Crystal case provides almost full coverage your the iPod Touch. The price is $30, and will be distributed in the U.S. by Harmonic Inversion Technology (Artwizz is a Germany based company).

    iPod Touch Accessories: Griffin WindowSeat

    Griffin Technology has recently introduced a new accessories, WindowSeat for iPod Touch / iPhone.
    iPod Touch Accessories: Griffin WindowSeat
    What Griffin WindowSeat can do is to mount an iPod touch or iPhone to a car's windshield or dashboard at eye level. Besides mounting the iPod touch or iPhone securely into your car, the mounting bracket of WindowSeat allows angle adjustment for easy viewing. It also features a corner release function that lets you remove the player from the mount.

    Here's the summary features of Griffin WindowSeat:

    ~ High-grip silicone suction pad attaches to your windshield or other nonporous surface easily and stays put.

    ~ Mounting bracket securely holds iPhone with easy access to dock connector and headphone jack.

    ~ Can be used in conjunction with Griffin Technology’s PowerJolt charger for iPhone, or any other in-car iPhone solution.

    ~ Includes an AUX cable for convenient connection to AUX-In-equipped car stereos.

    ~ Good-looking, durable materials complement your vehicle’s interior and withstand the temperature shifts that go with that environment.

    ~ Quick, secure adjustments to viewing angle with swiveling ball-and-socket joint.
    Included adapter accommodates steeply angled windshields.

    The price of Griffin WindowSeat is $30, and is available on Griffin's website.

    iPod Touch Stand: iCooly

    iCooly is an aluminium iPod touch stand, newly introduced by RockridgeSound. It sports a 90° pivot – allowing you to view and display your iPod touch in either portrait or landscape. The minimalist design of iCooly is inspired by Apple’s current line of iMac computers which gives the plush handheld device a mini iMac makeover, and also complements the sleek design of the iPod Touch beautifully.
    icooly ipod touch stand
    With aluminum base, matte black back, a rotating holster, a headphone extension cable and a dock-connector cut-out, the RockridgeSound iCooly iPod Touch stand allows you to sit comfortably back and watch videos on your iPod Touch.
    icooly ipod touch stand rotate
    The iCooly weights only 55g and measures in at 115 × 45 × 100mm. It is currently retail for ¥4,980 (around $47).

    iPod Touch Silicone Case: I-nique Tuff-Luv

    Tuff Luv from I-nique is a unique looking silicone iPod touch case. It is made up of an outer layer which is a black silicone which fits over top of an inner layer. The various slices and dices in the outer layer allows your color choice to shine through from inside.
    I-nique Tuff-Luv silicone case for ipod touch case
    Key Features of the Tuff-Luv Silicone iPod touch Case + Screen protection:
    -Free stickon screen protection
    -Access all ports and controls inside the case
    -Protection from impacts, scratches, dust and dirt
    -Perfectly fits your Apple Touch adding little more than a millimetre (0.04”) to its size
    -Fits inside your pocket
    -View your device screen inside the case
    -Removable leash for easy carrying

    There are small cut-outs on the case which provide access to the home button and bottom ports, and a large cut-out for the screen and play-through access for the top button. This silicone case will give a descent protection to the iPod touch. Besides preventing scratch, this case is also thick enough to absorb minor shocks, drops, and bumps. The price of the I-nique's Tuff-Luv silicone case is £8.99.

    iPod Touch Skin: GHSkinz

    GHSkinz has launched its new line of decorative skins for the iPhone and iPod touch.

    Each skin from GHSkinz for iPod touch is full color, laminated and printed on removable vinyl for easy application. The skin is then laminated with ultra glossy lamination which makes your iPod touch looks as if it's custom painted. As for the quality of the product, GHSkinz has given their assurance to use only the best materials on their product.

    "We use only the BEST MATERIALS available for our products. You can rest assured these are of the highest quality and are the BEST skins on the market!"

    iPod touch skin,GHSkinz
    The iPod touch skin from GHSkinz will cover both the front and end of your iPod. The skin is already cut into appropriate size that will precisely fit with your iPod touch. It is also scratch resistance, and GHSkinz guaranteed that their product will not fade, scratch wear or rub off.

    The iPod touch skin from GHSkinz is available for iPhone and iPod touch. It is now sell for $5.49 and $5.29 for each respectively.

    iPod Touch Accessory: iBoom JukeBox

    iBoom JukeBox from DLO is a portable iPod dock + speaker for iPod. With dual one-inch tweeters and three-inch woofers, you will be able to use your iPod touch with the iBoom JukeBox to enjoy fantastic sound performance. The iBoom JukeBox is compatible with all types of iPod, but not with iPhone.

    Besides the great sound performance, iBoom JukeBox features a radio-frequency remote with a bright and easy-to-read display screen, which enable you to roam all around your home while still controlling the iPod playback from across the room and through walls.

    The iBoom JukeBox has a fun design, which shape like a mini jukebox. It charges your iPod while it's securely docked, and also charges the included remote. It cost about $200, and is definitely a welcome addition to any room.

    iPod Touch Armband: Sporteer From PDO

    Sporteer Armbrand From PDO
    Sporteer from PDO is a newly released armbrand which is available for iPod touch, iPod classic, iPod nano, and also iPhone. It is made of soft neoprene which incorporate reflective material which provides comfortable fit, and at the same time increase your visibility when you are doing exercise in the evening.

    The Sporteer armbrand has a slim design, and features a clear full frontal protector that allows easy touchscreen navigation. The adjustable strap also let you conveniently resize the armband to fit your arm size. With Sporteer Armbrand, you can easily listen to your iPod touch during your workout sessions.

    The PDO Sporteer Armbands for iPod touch currently costs $25 each.

    iPod Touch Case alternative: Clear Armor from Case-Mate

    Clear Armor from case-mate is not really an iPod touch case. It's a protective film that you can adhere to your iPod touch in order to give full protection to your iTouch.. a product similar to the Invisible Shield.
    Clear Armor from Case-Mate
    To give you an idea on how protective the Clear Armor is, it is originally used to protect Apache Helicopter blades from sand damage in Desert Storm, and also to protect cars from dings, scratches and road debris. If that doesn't convince you, here's the video demonstration that compares a phone with and without a Clear Armor (the Clear Armor is not only for iPod touch.. it's also available for other ipod models and handheld electronic devices):

    If you want to give a descent protection to your iPod touch, and at the same time preserve its sleek design, the Clear Armor will be a good choice for you. It cost $20 and is available for order on the case-mate website.

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