iPod Touch Case: ezSkin Plus for iPod Touch G2

Just a few days after the iPod touch G2 is released, ezGear has announced the ezSkin Plus for protective case for the new Apple iPod Touch G2.

ezSkin Plus for iPod Touch G2
Similar to the previous cases of ezGear, the ezSkin Plus is a high quality silicon case with special dust reducing coating that fit the new iPod G2 snugly. The ezButton feature is built into the case which allows you to press each button through the case. Besides that, the ezSkin Plus comes with an integrated belt clip, a iPod Touch static screen protector, a cleaning cloth, and a port protector.

The ezSkin Plus for iPod Touch G2 will be available in 2 colors: Onyx Black, Frost White. It is expected to be released by the end of September with a price of $29.99.

iPod Touch Update from the 'Let's Rock' Event

iPod touch 2G
Some exiting updates for the iPod Touch from the Let's Rock event:

  • The iPod Touch has got a new thinner stainless steel case
  • Hardware volume controls added (hooray!) and a built-in speaker
  • Nike+ receiver is also built in
  • User interface has been tweaked
  • Added iTunes Genius features and App Store
  • Extended battery life: 36 hours of music and 6 hours of video
  • Price drop: 8GB for $229, 16GB for $299, and 32GB for $399

Watch Steve Job presents the new iPod Touch on the event:

Engadget has got a pretty nice roundup for the Let's Rock event. Check it out here.

Apple Getting Ready To Rock

There will be a special event from Apple named "Let's Rock" tomorrow. Rumors have been popping up as to what this event has in store:


"Persistent rumors have predicted that Apple will introduce a tall iPod Nano, a new iPod Touch, as well as iTunes 8. There are also suggestions that Apple could introduce the 2.1 iPhone firmware with some previously unannounced features."

"The surest bets revolve around renewed iPod nano designs, iPod touch designs, and price drops."

Apple has been telling various members of the media that the event will be a "big deal". We are expecting a surprise from Apple tomorrow!

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