Contour iSee - iPod Touch 2G Case

The Contour iSee for iPod Touch 2G is a polycarbonate plastic case. It's crystal clear, lightweight, and extremely durable.

"At 0.8 oz, the iSee will neither be seen nor felt, but it will protect. Oh, will it protect. Made of crystal clear polycarbonate plastic, the iSee will prevent all sorts of dings and scratches but never draw attention away from the touch. So enjoy rock solid protection along with full access to all of the controls because the iSee is the best case you'll never know is there."
The highlighted features for the iSee iPod touch case includes the Crystal clear polycarbonate hard shell, full access to all controls, easy snap together assembly, and the ultra lightweight (only 0.8 oz). It's currently available for $29.95 on

Check out also the unboxing/review video for the Contour iSee case for iPod touch 2G:

Belkin Simple Silicone Sleeve for iPod Touch 2G

The Simple Silicone Sleeve from Belkin is a silicone case for iPod touch 2G, which will protect your iPod and preserve its original look with a snug layer of rugged silicone.


  • Access to all controls and dock connector
  • Form-fitting construction
  • Allows charging while in case
The Simple Silicone Sleeve for iPod Touch 2G will also come in two-pack, with the following colors combination available: black/black, black/blue, pink/translucent, and red/gray. It's currently available for $19.99 on Belkin's website.

The Belkin Simple Silicone Sleeve unboxing video:

iSkin Touch Duo for iPod Touch 2G

iSkin Touch Duo is an iPod touch 2G case. It consist of a silicone rubber case, a hard plastic screen protector, and a clear film to protect the iPod inside.

Features highlight for iSkin Touch Duo:

1. Slim Design

The iSkin touch Duo’s premium quality silicone perfectly wraps around your iPod touch 2G’s subtle curves, providing lightweight protection and keeping the sleek design of your iPod touch at the same time.

2. Duo in Color

Four stunning dualtone color options available: Diablo (red/black), NightHawk (expresso/black), Sonic (blue/black) and Ozone (frosted clear/black).

3. Textured to Grip

The iSkin touch Duo features a special textured surface which provides a firm grip at all times.

4. Visor Screen Guard

Your iPod 2G’s glass screen is protected by the iSkin touch Duo’s scratch resistant ViSOR, which is made from durable polycarbonate and coated with an optical clear-coat. It can be easily applied and removed anytime to be stored on your device’s back.

5. Enhanced Screen Film
The enhanced screen film that comes with iSkin touch Duo is an anti-glare and anti-fingerprint screen film. Also, the film tacks lightly without residue, so you can easily remove when necessary.

6. Port Side Protection

The iSkin Touch Duo comes with an integrated docking port protector that shields out dirt, dust and other everyday hazards.

7. Protection+

The iSkin touch Duo features Microban®* built-in antimicrobial protection to inhibit the growth of odor and stain causing bacteria. iSkin claims to be the first silicon protector company to offer Microban protection.

iSkin Touch Duo case unboxing video:

The iSkin Touch Duo case for iPod Touch 2G is currently available for 34.99 USD on iSkin website.

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