iPod Touch SlimLINE Leather Pouch Case

iPod Touch SlimLINE Leather Pouch Case
The SlimLINE leather pouch case from Beyzacases is an ultra slim iPod Touch case. It is made of high quality handcrafted leather and is well padded with a sexy velvet lining. This iPod Touch case does not come with an attached belt clip. You can easily slip it into your pant or coat pocket and even purses without worrying about scratching up your really expensive new iPod touch.

There are quite a number of colors available for the iPod Touch SlimLINE Leather Pouch Case:

- Croco Red
- Flo Red
- Flo Black
- Croco Black
- Plain Black
- Flo Tan
- Croco Tan
- Plain Tan

You may view them with different colors on the Beyzacases website.

The price for this iPod Touch leather pouch case is $29.50 USD. Here's the summary features this case:

- Elegant case conceived in top quality handcrafted leather
- Slim and padded design
- Protects the device in an optimal manner
- Velvet lining
- No belt clip Pocket use only

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