iPod Touch Leather Case

To protect your iPod touch from damage, an iPod touch case is a must-have accessories. Here are some recommendations of several good iPod Touch Leather Case:

1) The Leather Folio for iPod touch from Belkin

Leather Folio for iPod touch from Belkin
This is a flip-closed, wallet-style case, made from honeycomb-embossed leather. Its fancy, fashion-inspired design will match perfectly with your iPod touch.

Besides giving full protection from everyday scratches, dust, and minor shocks, the sleek design of this stylish leather case allows you to easily slip your iPod touch directly into your purse or pocket. There are also slots for easier access to controls and dock connectors.

Here are the summary features:

* Soft, durable leather
* Clear screen protector allows easy navigation
* Access to controls and dock connector

There are 3 colors currently available for this iPod touch leather case:

* Black/Chocolate
* Cameo Pink/Chocolate
* Persimmon/Bone

Customer review from Amazon:

"This is the perfect case for the new Ipod touch. It looks really nice and is very elegant. I can really recommend this to all."
By Patrick D. Huebner (20-Dec-2007)

We think this is a pretty cool leather case for an iPod touch. Priced at $29.99, the Belkin leather folio case is definitely worth the value.

2) ezView Leather Case

ezView Leather Case for iPod Touch
The ezView iPod Touch Leather case has a very cool design. As the name suggest, one of the unique aspect of the ezView leather case is that the velcro band of the ezView makes it possible to act as a stylish stand. So with ezView leather case, we no longer have to hold our iPod touch in our hand to watch videos (I am guessing that's how the name come from :P).

Other than this unique feature, the ezView Leather Case is very thin, and the low profile rubber feet keep the iPod touch case from slipping on any surface. Also, another cool thing about ezView is that you never have to remove your ipod touch from the case to access the controls or the data port.

Here are the summary features:

* High Grade Leather
* Clear Screen Protector
* Home Button Access
* Build in Stand
* Protective Cover with Light Touch Magnetic Closure
* Credit Card/Business Card Slots
* Top and Bottom Access to All Controls and Ports
* Sturdy Velcro Latch
* Ultra-Slim Profile
* Velcro Strap Low Profile Belt Strap for Easy Transportation
* Non-skid Low Profile Rubber Feet Keep Your Player in Place

Customer reviews from Amazon:

"Leather case is very thin and has a very good kickstand mode to allow viewing of movies and videos. The only improvement would be to add a cutout for the power/standby button on top. The button is covered by leather. Although you can easily push the button thru the leather, you need to know where it is. Other than that nit, recommended highly for those who want a compact wallet type case."
Bud from YL (31-Dec-2007)

"While better than anything I saw at the Apple Store (which for some reason doesnt seem to carry this case), it has a few design flaws. For one thing, it has some slots, presumably for credit cards and such, but I find that they are a few millimeters too narrow to be useable for this (or any other) purpose. The positive features - nice leather, protection of the screen, stand, velcro to keep the headphone cord from getting tangled are enough to make this the best ipod touch case Ive seen."
C. Demarest (3-Jan-2007)

With the unit price of $39.99, the ezView leather case is definitely another great iPod Touch Leather Case to consider.

3) Griffin Elan Form Leather Case

Griffin Elan Form Leather Case for iPod Touch
Griffin announces 2 leather case for iPod touch: Elan Form and Elan Convertible. Elan Form is a slim pocketable case which is made from hard-shell polycarbonate with top-grain leather. It allows us to control our gadget, and gives two layers protection at the same time.


* Top-grain leather outer shell crafted from hand-matched hides
* Protective polycarbonate inner shell surrounds and shields your iPod
* Easy access to click wheel, dock connector, headphone port and hold switch
* Elan Form for iPod touch includes static peel screen protector for multi-touch display, and premium cleaning cloth
* Easy installation: just pt your iPod in the top casing, then snap the back into place. To open the case, insert a coin into the notch in the bottom corner and gently twist.

No customer review at this moment.

Priced at $29.99, the Elan Form leather case is another good choice for iPod Touch Leather Case.

4) Griffin Elan Convertible Leather Case

Griffin Elan Convertible Leather Case for iPod Touch
The Elan Convertible is another iPod Touch leather case from Griffin. This leather flip-top case comes with an additional leather removable flipcover for the front face of your iPod, thus ensuring even better protection against shocks. With removable clip, it allows us to carry our iPod touch on our belt or shoulder strap. At the same time, we can easily slip it into the pocket with the clip removed. The Elan Convertible case is made of top-grain leather.

* Top-grain leather outer case
* Soft microfiber lining and clear screen protector guard against scratches, but are sensitive enough to allow clickwheel control.
* Removable belt clip for bag, belt or briefcase
* Removable flipcover reverses to serve as a built-in stand

No customer review at this moment.

The price for Griffin Elan Convertible Leather Case is $24.99.

Besides the cases we are recommending here, there are many other cool iPod touch cases out there. What we pick for recommendation in this article are just some iPod Touch Leather Cases which we think are great stuff. There will be more recommendation for non-leather case in the coming post.

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