Jon Burgerman iPod Touch Case

Jon Burgerman has some special designed iPod touch case which available only on his website.

Jon Burgerman iPod Touch Case
The iPod touch case from Jon Burgerman (also available for iPhone) is made from rubber with neatly molded buttons and injection molded multicolour characters. There are three different design available for this case: Oranges, Anton, Blues (from left to right). If you are interested in getting this case, leave a comment on the website and you will be contacted via email.

iPod Touch Case + Accessory: iPod Swing Speaker

The iPod Swing Speaker is a rechargeable stereo speaker that is hooked to the rear side of a crystal case. You can easily attach it to your iPod just by snapping it like you would a case. It's available for 3 iPod models: Nano, Classic and Touch.
iPod Touch Case + Accessory: iPod Swing Speaker
The Swing speaker is said to have 10 hours of battery life. So you can almost keep your music on all day without cords dangling in your way. This cool little iPod accesorry is manufactured by Neoneco, a Korean company. It's now available in Korea with $29 for iPod Nano, $32 for iPod classic, and $36 for iPod Touch.

iPod Touch Case: Gregory iPhone cozy

If you are looking for a cute iPod touch case, here's another one we have found besides the Paul Frank rubber case - Gregory iPhone cozy.

Cute iPod Touch Case: Gregory iPhone cozy
The Gregory iPhone cozy is a slip cover that fit nicely with the iPod touch and iPhone. You can also have your earbuds nicely tucked away in this case. Check out for more details here. The Gregory iPhone cozy is on sale now for $25.

iPod Touch Accessory: Brando A2DP Adapter

iPod Touch Accessory: Brando A2DP AdapterBrando, a Hong Kong-based accessory maker has released a A2DP Bluetooth adapter for iPod touch and iPhone: INFINXX AP23.

With an A2DP Bluetooth adapter, you will be able to enjoy excellent high quality stereo music from your iPod touch without the trouble of wire. It allows for stereo music over Bluetooth in addition to the standard mono Bluetooth headset audio.

The Brando INFINXX AP23 is basically a small dongle that you plug into your iPod touch/iPhone. Here's the features of INFINXX AP23:

- Add Bluetooth A2DP Function to your iPhone (2G/3G) & iPod Touch & iPod series

- The Smallest, Slimmest, Lightest A2DP Transmitter

- Modern & Stylish Design: Perfert Match with your iPhone (2G/3G) & iPod series

- No Need for Charging & Batteries, Powered by the iPhone/iPod

- Supports AVRCP function (Remote Control of Play/Stop, Forward / Backward, Volume Functions )

- With LED Flashing Patterns showing the BT Connection status

- Compatible with all A2DP Bluetooth Headphones / BT Speakers for Music Transfer

- For the A2DP BT Headset users, you can pair your headset with iPhone's BT setting (for Pick Up & Answer Phone Calls). For using the AP23, you can Enjoy Stereo Music through the Transmitter.

The Brando INFINXX AP23 is $62, with standard shipping cost of $3, or express shipping cost of $39.

iPod Touch News: iPod touch 1.1.5 update

While iPod touch firmware 2.0 is available for download at $10, Apple has quietly released the 1.1.5 update as well. If your iPod touch is not yet upgraded to 2.0 and would like to try out the 1.1.5 update, just decline the 2.0 update and iTunes will inform you that the 1.1.5 is available for download.

According to Macworld, they have not notice any difference with the 1.1.5 update.. not even any performance improvement. Until Apple issue any technical notes on the 1.1.5 update, we do not know what purpose does this update serve.

iPod Touch Accessory: PDO CarFM

PDO has recently released CarFM, an iPod/iPhone accessory that is capable to perform three functions: FM transmitter, car charger, and hands-free (for iPhone).
iPod Touch Accessory: PDO CarFM
CarFM features an adjustable iPod and iPhone mount attached to a flexible gooseneck extension that plugs into the vehicle’s cigarette lighter to provide power to the transmitter and attached device. To play the iPod's tunes over the car's stereo system, just tune both your car stereo and CarFM to the same FM station. The transmitter will also charge your iPod touch at the same time while it's plugged in. No adapter needed.

Here's the summary features for CarFM:
Product Features:
• Listen to your iPod/iPhone music through your car stereo
• CarFM can tune to any FM frequency between 88.1 and 107.9 MHz
• Four "Quick Select" FM frequencies of 88.1, 94.1, 100.1, and 106.1 MHz
• CarFM charges your iPod/iPhone when plugged in
• For iPhone users, CarFM can serve as a hands-free talking device
• USB socket can charge a second device through USB
• Silicone padding on the arms helps to securely grip your iPod/iPhone
• Adjustable arms can hold iPods/iPhones with bulky cases
• Flexible gooseneck design allows CarFM to fit most cars

The PDO CarFM will be available later this month for $50.

iPod Touch Accessories: Griffin PowerDock

Griffin PowerDock is a charging Dock that you can use with your iPod Touch, iPhone, and most of other iPod models.

iPod Touch Accessories: Griffin PowerDock
As advertised by Griffin, the PowerDock includes a collection of Universal Dock insert adapters to ensure that every iPod and iPhone in the house gets a place at the table. There's no video/audio output, as well as USB port in this dock. It's purely a charching dock to charge batteries.

The front plate of the PowerDock features a brushed metal body. The back and the sides is a simple matte finish, and then the bottom is outfitted with a grippy rubber base. It's simple, but it works and it looks good.

There are 2 models available: PowerDock 2 and PowerDock 4 with two and four Apple Universal Docks built into a single charging base respectively. They are available to order on Griffin website with the price of $49.99 (PowerDock 2) and $69.99 (PowerDock 4).

iPod Touch App: Google App For iPod Touch & iPhone

A brand new Google mobile app is now available in the US App Store.

The new application combines powerful Google services with a slick interface, so you can find what you're looking for faster and more easily. Not only the app will help to search the web, but it will also presents you with smart results which include your search history, contact list, websites and Google Maps.

From Google Mobile Blog:

"Google Mobile App gives you a single text box to search through your contacts and the web. As soon as you start typing, it scours Google for things to help you. These could be typing suggestions, website suggestions or easy access to a search you made before. Google Mobile App even searches as you type so that you see results as soon as you finish typing. Over time, the App remembers the things you do most and puts them at the top. Finally, Google Mobile App also uses the My Location feature to detect your current location and show nearby businesses on a map."

Here's the introductory video for the Google Mobile App:

The Google Mobile App is currently available only in the US App Store, and will be available for other countries soon. To get the Google Mobile App, simply go to the App Store, or search for 'Google Mobile' from iTunes.

iPod Touch Accessories: mStation Releases Juice Pack for iPod Touch

The Juice Pack from mStation is a rechargeable lithium polymer battery in the form of a non-slip, soft grip case, that docks to your iPod Touch.
Juice Pack for iPod Touch
With the Juice Pack, your iPod touch will get an additional 30 hours of audio playback and 7 hours of video playback. It has 4 LED charge status indicator along with its own mini USB connector, so you both sync your iPod and recharge the juice pack’s lithium polymer battery at the same time.

The Juice Pack for iPod touch is definitely a great acessory for frequent travelers who are always away from power sources for extended periods of time. It will be available at Apple Stores in August, with a retail price of $99.95.

iPod Touch News: iPod Touch Firmware 2.0

The Firmware 2.0 for iPod Touch was made available on Friday (11-July). If you haven't haven't downloaded it yet, we recommend you to do so. The update for iPod Touch cost $9.95.

Check out the review for iPod Touch firmware 2.0 from TouchPodium.

iPod Touch Case: Factron Quattro Aluminum Case

The Factron Quattro Aluminum case is one of the most expensive iPod touch case that we have seen so far -- $222.67.

Factron Quattro Aluminum Case For iPod Touch 1
Factron Quattro Aluminum Case For iPod Touch 2
The Factron Quattro Aluminum case is made up of 2 separate sheets of high quality Aluminum metal. At the four corners, they are being binded together with screws. Your iPod Touch might be safe in this iPod touch case, but we can forsee that many will not feel comfortable with the design of this case(especially the four protruding corners) which totally contradict with the original sleek design of the iPod touch.

With a little higher price than $222.67, one can actually get a brand new iPod touch. This case is over pricey in our opinion.

iPod Touch Case: Contour Design Showcase Touch

The Showcase Touch from Contour Design is an iPod touch case with shock absorbing rubber combined with crystal clear plastic. This case is not completely a clear plastic case. It has a clear front and the back shells are accented with rubberized black plastic sides that latch together to form an almost entirely protective enclosure, which can be used with or without an included belt clip.

Contour Design Showcase touch
Here's the summary features of the Showcase Touch (taken from the official website):

"The Showcase touch brings dual layer protection and style to the iPod touch. The hinged design opens bookstyle, and contoured shock absorbing layers accent the iPod's touch's shape, giving it shock absorbing protection in its rubber layer and impact resistant crystal clear plastic. With a super low profile design, the Showcase touch offers both a belt clip and a way to seal the clip’s attachment point: a plug locks into the attachment mechanism, keeping dirt and dust out. The new slimline belt clip can be mounted in four positions, and a hinged dock port protector opens partially for access to only the headphone jack or fully for additional access to the dock port and hold switch. Complete protection continues with the click through hold botton protector."

The Showcase Touch score B+(recommended) from iLounge review:
"Showcase touch is worthy of our strong general recommendation, and we hope only that 2008 models find a way to enhance their protection even further."

And finally, read more about the customer review for the Showcase Touch.

Google Talk for iPod Touch and iPhone

Google Talk for iPod Touch and iPhone
Google has released a new version of GTalk for iPod Touch and iPhone browsers.

You do not need to download or install any software to start using GTalk on you iPod touch or iPhone. Instead the Gtalk application will work within the Safari browser of your iPod Touch / iPhone. So you can simply go to the site, sign in, and start chatting. When you navigate away to another browser window or application, the IM status will be changed to “unavailable.” But, it will revert back to “available” status when you return to the GTalk window. Other features remain similar to the web version of GTalk, such as quicklist of contacts that you connect with the most, contact searching and managing multiple conversations.

Start using GTalk on your iPod Touch / iPhone today by just navigating your browser to

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