iPod Touch Accessories: Griffin PowerDock

Griffin PowerDock is a charging Dock that you can use with your iPod Touch, iPhone, and most of other iPod models.

iPod Touch Accessories: Griffin PowerDock
As advertised by Griffin, the PowerDock includes a collection of Universal Dock insert adapters to ensure that every iPod and iPhone in the house gets a place at the table. There's no video/audio output, as well as USB port in this dock. It's purely a charching dock to charge batteries.

The front plate of the PowerDock features a brushed metal body. The back and the sides is a simple matte finish, and then the bottom is outfitted with a grippy rubber base. It's simple, but it works and it looks good.

There are 2 models available: PowerDock 2 and PowerDock 4 with two and four Apple Universal Docks built into a single charging base respectively. They are available to order on Griffin website with the price of $49.99 (PowerDock 2) and $69.99 (PowerDock 4).

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