iPod Touch Accessory: PDO CarFM

PDO has recently released CarFM, an iPod/iPhone accessory that is capable to perform three functions: FM transmitter, car charger, and hands-free (for iPhone).
iPod Touch Accessory: PDO CarFM
CarFM features an adjustable iPod and iPhone mount attached to a flexible gooseneck extension that plugs into the vehicle’s cigarette lighter to provide power to the transmitter and attached device. To play the iPod's tunes over the car's stereo system, just tune both your car stereo and CarFM to the same FM station. The transmitter will also charge your iPod touch at the same time while it's plugged in. No adapter needed.

Here's the summary features for CarFM:
Product Features:
• Listen to your iPod/iPhone music through your car stereo
• CarFM can tune to any FM frequency between 88.1 and 107.9 MHz
• Four "Quick Select" FM frequencies of 88.1, 94.1, 100.1, and 106.1 MHz
• CarFM charges your iPod/iPhone when plugged in
• For iPhone users, CarFM can serve as a hands-free talking device
• USB socket can charge a second device through USB
• Silicone padding on the arms helps to securely grip your iPod/iPhone
• Adjustable arms can hold iPods/iPhones with bulky cases
• Flexible gooseneck design allows CarFM to fit most cars

The PDO CarFM will be available later this month for $50.

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