The Invisible Shield For iPod Touch

An iPod Touch Case is usually the first thing that most people want to get for their brand new iPod Touch. The reason is simple: they pay $300 - $400 for a brand new iPod Touch, and they do not want to get any ugly scratches or damages on it. We know that the screen for iPod touch is scratch-proof, but the back is not. So it's still neccessary to get ipod touch case for your ipod touch.

The Invisible Shield for iPod touch is not really a case, but something that you might want to get even before getting a case for your ipod touch. It is a thin layer of urethane film that wrap around your ipod touch, protecting it from ugly scratches. You might not have heard of urethane film before, but it is a meterial that originally used to protect the leading edges of military helicopter blades. It is durable, clear, and virtually scratch-proof.

The invisible shield for iPod touch comes in 2 options: Front shield ($14.95), and full body shield ($21.99). We reccomend to get the full body body shield as it covers almost every single surface of your ipod touch, thus giving full protection, especially to the back of the the ipod touch which is not scratch-proof. The cover zone of the full body shield shown below:

You do not need to worry that the shield will add any bulk or obscure aspect to the sleek design of your ipod touch, as it's so thin and clear that become almost invisible after applying it on the iPod touch. It gives contoured protection without hurting the cool appearance of the ipod touch. Here are 2 videos that show how to put the shields on to the front and back of the ipod touch:

You will need some patience though to put them on ;)

There has been quite some forum discussion and review for the Invisible Shield For iPod Touch on the Internet. While some reviewers are pretty satisfy with the full body shield, some feel that the shield is not necessary for the front screen as it is already scratch proof. So what they did was putting the shield only on the back. Those who put on the full shields are satify as they feel that it helps to keep fingerprints and oils from their fingers from getting all over the screen. The decision is yours: buy the Invisible front shield for $14.95 here, or the full body shield for $21.99 here.

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