About This Site and The Apple iPod Touch

Apple iPod Touch is the first iPod model that integrates the revolutionary multi-touch interface. With the new iPod Touch, we can listen to music, watch video, and more with just a touch of a finger. And just like iPhone, we can browse the music in cover flow, and watch our favourite tv show in wide screen. It has also added a Wi-Fi version of the iTunes Music Store that allow us to buy songs on the go. Apples has partnered with Starbucks to provide free itunes wifi music store that will allow us to purchase songs we hear in Starbucks stores via WiFi. A pretty cool feature. To find out more, watch this video:

Phisically, the iPod touch looks very much similar to the iPhone. However, with 2/3 the thickness of iPhone and wearing the signature iPod chrome jacket, the appearance of an iPod touch is even more striking than an iPhone.

Functionally, although there has been complaints about the lack of functions for iPod touch compared with iPhone, the iPod touch still has the best functionality compare to other portable multimedia devices in the market. I would think that Apple does not integrate as much functionalities into into the iPod touch because they want to differentiate it from the iPhone as a portable multimedia devices instead of a phone. In fact, iPhone and iPod Touch are in two different product lines. We shouldn't compare them. Instead, we should compare the touch with other iPod products, where we can easily see that iPod Touch is the best among all.

We are sure that iPod touch will soon become the next hottest gadget in town after iPhone. This site is dedicated to recommend and discuss about the iPod touch cases, accesories, and a lot of shiny new things out there for the touch. If you are looking for some cool stuff to dress up your iPod touch, this site is dedicated to finding every last one of them for you.

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