iSee iPod Touch Case

isee ipod touch case
iSee iPod touch case from Contour Design is a highly polished jewel case which provides protection and all around access at the same time.

The iSee iPod touch case is the kind of snap-together case with 2 backs: a smooth simple back with low profile design, and another back with belt clip. The blet clip can either be mounted in four different ways, or you can replace it with a plug that close the attachment point and a hinged dock port protector which can be partially open to allow access for the headphone jack only, or fully open for extra access to the hold switch and dock port.

Overall, the iSee iPod Touch case is a great case. It's available for both the iPod touch, and also the ipod Nano. The shape of the iSee case is designed to perfectly fit the ipod touch, and remain all control surfaces accessible.

Price: $29.95

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