Naja King - Flexible Rotating Stand for iPod Touch and iPhone

naja king ipod touch stand

NAJA King is a portable iPod Touch stand that is designed with awesome flexibility that gives you the convenience to do a lot of cool stuff with your iPod Touch or iPhone. Watch the video below for a review of this iPod Touch stand, and find out what you can actually do with the Naja King iPod Touch stand.

It's really cool that we can use Naja King to wrap around our neck while watching movie on the iPod Touch, or use it to conveniently take photo at different distance. With the flexibility of this iPod Touch stand, I am sure there are much more possible ways that we can use Naja King with.

Specification for Naja King:
- 36 inch flexible coil
- Anti scratch grips
- All steel construction
- For all iPhones or iPod Touch (select type at checkout)
- Rotating head 360 degrees
- Secure grip holding power (device stays put)

The price of Naja King is currently $39.99. A great iPod Touch accessory to get!

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