Logic 3 iStation Traveller

Logic 3 iStation Traveller
Logic 3 iStation Traveller is a tiny sound system for iPod Touch (and iPhone). It's one of the cool accessories for iPod Touch that you would find it useful when you are traveling. You can watch videos and listen to music with the iStation Traveller, giving you something to do on your long dull journey.

Like the name suggested, the iStation Traveller for iPhone and iPod Touch is designed as a portable device that allows you to easily carry it with you during travel. Powered by 4 AAA batteries, it weights only 11 ounces; and is approximately 1.3" thick, 6.7" wide, and 3.5" tall when in compact mode. Different from the traditional iPod dock, the iStation Traveller connects to the iPod Touch / iPhone using a headphone cable, which is attached permanently to the station. Also, the iStation Traveller does not has a volume controller itself. The volume will be controlled by the iPod Touch / iPhone itself.

Comment from MacWorld on the Logic 3 iStation Traveller:

"The system is small enough to fit in a large pants pocket, so it’s easy to throw in a laptop bag or carry-on. Yet despite this small size, the Traveller sounds quite good. As you’d expect from two 1.25-inch speaker drivers, you don’t get much bass, and the maximum volume isn’t ear-splitting. But midrange and treble are decent, and the system isn’t nearly as tinny as many speakers of this size I’ve tested."

The iStation Traveller is currently priced at $60. With the combination of its superior performance and portability, it's definitely worth this price.

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