Soft-Touch Stylus for iPod Touch

Soft-Touch Stylus for iPod TouchOne of the coolest features of the iPod touch is the multi-touch screen technology. Most people wouldn't use a stylus on their iPod touch as one will never fully utilize the muti-touch technology with a stylus.

The only reason for using a stylus for iPod touch is to keep fingerprint smudges from the iPod Touch screen. That's why there's a product called Soft-Touch stylus created for iPod touch.

The Soft-Touch stylus for iPod Touch is made of a light-weight aluminum body with soft-touch rubber tip and built-in shirt clip. With the Soft-Touch stylus, you can type with precision, tap or scroll with ease, and it will never scratch the iPod touch screen.

* Stylus lets you type with precision
* Soft-touch tip won't scratch your screen
* Enables easy tapping, double-tapping and scrolling
* Built-in shirt clip
* Light-weight aluminum body with soft-touch rubber tip
* Measures 10 cm (4 inches) long
* Works with Apple iPhone and iPod touch touch-screens

Price: $12.99

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