WildCharge Adapter For iPod Touch

WildCharge is a cool technology that allow us to to charge an electronic device without having to connect it to the power supply through normal cable charger. This technology consist of a silver charger pad, and a WildCharge adapter. To start charging, all you need to do is attach the electronic device to the WildCharge adapter, and then place it anywhere on the charger pad and it will start charging. Currently the WildCharge Adapter is only available for a limited number of electronic devices. The good news is, WildCharge will soon release an adapter for iPod touch!

The WildCharge adapter for iPod touch will be integrated into a high-quality gel case called “Skins”, a gel covered product made of Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE) material. So when you get yourself a WildCharge adapter for iPod touch, you also get an iPod touch case at the same time. WildCharge is planning to release a number of different colors for this multipurpose ipod touch case. Here's a video review for the WhildCharge:

As mentioned in the video, the price of the charger pad will be $59.95, while the price for the skin will be $34.95. And the release date will probably be around May or June of 2008.

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