iPod Touch Case alternative: Clear Armor from Case-Mate

Clear Armor from case-mate is not really an iPod touch case. It's a protective film that you can adhere to your iPod touch in order to give full protection to your iTouch.. a product similar to the Invisible Shield.
Clear Armor from Case-Mate
To give you an idea on how protective the Clear Armor is, it is originally used to protect Apache Helicopter blades from sand damage in Desert Storm, and also to protect cars from dings, scratches and road debris. If that doesn't convince you, here's the video demonstration that compares a phone with and without a Clear Armor (the Clear Armor is not only for iPod touch.. it's also available for other ipod models and handheld electronic devices):

If you want to give a descent protection to your iPod touch, and at the same time preserve its sleek design, the Clear Armor will be a good choice for you. It cost $20 and is available for order on the case-mate website.

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