iPod Touch Stand: iCooly

iCooly is an aluminium iPod touch stand, newly introduced by RockridgeSound. It sports a 90° pivot – allowing you to view and display your iPod touch in either portrait or landscape. The minimalist design of iCooly is inspired by Apple’s current line of iMac computers which gives the plush handheld device a mini iMac makeover, and also complements the sleek design of the iPod Touch beautifully.
icooly ipod touch stand
With aluminum base, matte black back, a rotating holster, a headphone extension cable and a dock-connector cut-out, the RockridgeSound iCooly iPod Touch stand allows you to sit comfortably back and watch videos on your iPod Touch.
icooly ipod touch stand rotate
The iCooly weights only 55g and measures in at 115 × 45 × 100mm. It is currently retail for ¥4,980 (around $47).

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