iPod Touch Case: Contour Design Showcase Touch

The Showcase Touch from Contour Design is an iPod touch case with shock absorbing rubber combined with crystal clear plastic. This case is not completely a clear plastic case. It has a clear front and the back shells are accented with rubberized black plastic sides that latch together to form an almost entirely protective enclosure, which can be used with or without an included belt clip.

Contour Design Showcase touch
Here's the summary features of the Showcase Touch (taken from the official website):

"The Showcase touch brings dual layer protection and style to the iPod touch. The hinged design opens bookstyle, and contoured shock absorbing layers accent the iPod's touch's shape, giving it shock absorbing protection in its rubber layer and impact resistant crystal clear plastic. With a super low profile design, the Showcase touch offers both a belt clip and a way to seal the clip’s attachment point: a plug locks into the attachment mechanism, keeping dirt and dust out. The new slimline belt clip can be mounted in four positions, and a hinged dock port protector opens partially for access to only the headphone jack or fully for additional access to the dock port and hold switch. Complete protection continues with the click through hold botton protector."

The Showcase Touch score B+(recommended) from iLounge review:
"Showcase touch is worthy of our strong general recommendation, and we hope only that 2008 models find a way to enhance their protection even further."

And finally, read more about the customer review for the Showcase Touch.

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