iPod Touch Accessory: iBoom JukeBox

iBoom JukeBox from DLO is a portable iPod dock + speaker for iPod. With dual one-inch tweeters and three-inch woofers, you will be able to use your iPod touch with the iBoom JukeBox to enjoy fantastic sound performance. The iBoom JukeBox is compatible with all types of iPod, but not with iPhone.

Besides the great sound performance, iBoom JukeBox features a radio-frequency remote with a bright and easy-to-read display screen, which enable you to roam all around your home while still controlling the iPod playback from across the room and through walls.

The iBoom JukeBox has a fun design, which shape like a mini jukebox. It charges your iPod while it's securely docked, and also charges the included remote. It cost about $200, and is definitely a welcome addition to any room.

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