iPod Touch Skin: GHSkinz

GHSkinz has launched its new line of decorative skins for the iPhone and iPod touch.

Each skin from GHSkinz for iPod touch is full color, laminated and printed on removable vinyl for easy application. The skin is then laminated with ultra glossy lamination which makes your iPod touch looks as if it's custom painted. As for the quality of the product, GHSkinz has given their assurance to use only the best materials on their product.

"We use only the BEST MATERIALS available for our products. You can rest assured these are of the highest quality and are the BEST skins on the market!"

iPod touch skin,GHSkinz
The iPod touch skin from GHSkinz will cover both the front and end of your iPod. The skin is already cut into appropriate size that will precisely fit with your iPod touch. It is also scratch resistance, and GHSkinz guaranteed that their product will not fade, scratch wear or rub off.

The iPod touch skin from GHSkinz is available for iPhone and iPod touch. It is now sell for $5.49 and $5.29 for each respectively.

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