iPod Touch Case: OtterBox Armor Case

The OtterBox Armor iPod touch case is perfect for those who like to take their iPod touch everwhere.. even in the water! Yes, it is a waterproof iPod touch case that can protect your iPod touch up to 3 feet in the water.

OtterBox Armor iPod Touch Case
The OtterBox Armor iPod touch case also features a PATENTED thin membrane that allows for full usability of the touch screen. Your iPod touch will be ready for just about any weather or activity with this case.

While the OtterBox Armor Case gives a solid protection to the iPod touch, it does make your iPod touch bulkier. Also, it covers up the On/Off button completely so you will need to open the case to reach the button. This shouldn't be a big deal since the device will eventually go into sleep mode. So if you can accept the bulkiness of this case, it will be a great product (Price: $49.95).

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