iPod Touch Case: Otterbox Defender Case

Compare to OtterBox Armor case, the Defender case for iPod touch is a more lightweight and slim-fitting case. It is a semi-rugged case, which made up of three major components: a sturdy plastic endoskeleton that snaps on your itouch that protects it from drops, a clear film membrane that allows visual and touch access to your screen, and a soft-grip silicone skin that covers most of the polycarbonate skeleton and controls access to ports while covering them when they are not in use. The combination of the three components provide a descent protection to your iPod touch. Also, the design of this case allows for use of any headset with a standard 1/8" mini stereo plug, it let you charge your device right through the case via convenient Silicone plugs.

iPod Touch Case: Otterbox Defender Case
Although the Defender case is slimmer than the Armor case, it still add quite a bit of bulk to your iPod touch. As it offers bump, shock, drop and scratch protection to your device, the Defender case will be a perfect for those who likes doing outdoor activities like rock climbing, etc.

The Otterbox Defender Case is currently available for $29.95. Check out the following video for the review of Otterbox Defender case:

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